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Our Excursions:

Segesta ed Erice
Segesta: It was called Segesta an ancient city, no longer inhabited, founded by the Elymians and located in the northwestern part of Sicily, in the province of Trapani. The old city stands on Mount Barbaro, in the municipality of Calatafimi Segesta, about 15 kilometers from Alcamo and Castellammare del Golfo. Of particular beauty in the archaeological park are the temple, in Doric style, and the theater, partly dug into the rock of the hill.
Erice: Ancient medieval village overlooking the city of Trapani, a marvelous terrace overlooking the sea with an equally wonderful backdrop of the Egadi islands that frame one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. What distinguishes it are certainly the Cyclopean walls of the Phoenician Elymian period, the Norman castle of the XII-XIII century built on the remains of the Roman temple of Venus from which it takes its name and the castle and the towers of Balio..

Selinunte: it was an ancient Greek city located on the south-western coast of Sicily; today it is the largest archaeological park in Europe. The ruins of the city are located in the municipality of Castelvetrano, in the southern part of the province of Trapani. In the archaeological site, on the acropolis there are some temples along with other secondary buildings, while other temples are located on a hill not far away

Scala dei Turchi e Agrigento
Scala dei Turchi: The Scala dei Turchi is a rocky wall (cliff) that rises above the sea along the coast of Realmonte, in the province of Agrigento. Over time it has become a tourist attraction due to the uniqueness of the cliff.
Valley of the Temples Agrigento: The Valley of the Temples is an archaeological area of Sicily characterized by the exceptional state of conservation and a series of important Doric temples of the Hellenic period. It corresponds to the ancient Akragas, a monumental original nucleus of the city of Agrigento. Today it is a regional archaeological park. The archaeological and landscape park of the Valley of the Temples, with its 1300 hectares, is the largest archaeological site in the world.

Palermo e Monreale
Palermo and Monreale: essential stops for those coming to Sicily in vacana; they are places full of history, where Arab, Norman and Binzantine influences have left their mark with real works of art. Here you can breathe the history, the art and the true Sicilian character.

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